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The trend away from private car ownership towards shared ownership and shared usage models has been evident for some time. However, the sharing economy brings new use cases and use models with it that impact platform security and user experience.

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The BMW Group Car Sharing Platform, including the Approov SDK, has already been deployed in several thousand vehicles.

Papara is fast growing fintech delivering highly differentiated financial products which put the user first. The mobile channel is the primary access point for these services and it is an attractive target for bad actors.

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Having completed the integration and test in less than 30 days, we deployed the Approov protection and instantly saw the costs due to the fraudsters drop by 90%.

Emre Kenci, CTO, Papara

MV is a Brazil-based provider of core healthcare information and management systems, and has been delivering solutions for hospitals, clinics, health plan operators, radiology centers and public and private health networks for over 30 years.

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Approov plugged an immediate API security hole which pentesting had exposed in our platform, and we calculate that the adoption of Approov will bring us a 10x RoI.

Tiago Calado, Software Development Manager, MV

Robotemi is a company which develops and sells Temi - an open platform robot which can be utilized in many business areas. The company’s current focus sectors are senior care, hospitals, real estate and retail stores.

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We tried to secure our API endpoints with in-house protections, so we know how difficult it is. Approov is the industrial version of what we needed to ensure that only our client software could use our APIs.

Ben Levy, VP R&D, Robotemi

Keeping pace with the consumer demand, car sharing has become an increasingly popular alternative to owning — and customers want to use mobile phones to access such services.

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We looked around for a solution which could authenticate when API requests were coming from our mobile apps, and that’s when we came across Approov

Nico Gabriel, President SixtX

Deindeal is an e-commerce success story based on the ability to deliver desirable goods at attractive prices. Evolving their platform to protect revenue against cyber threats while preserving a good customer experience is central to that success.

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Knowing what is calling your API is a necessary element to protect your mobile channel from scripts and bots.

Alexandre Branquart, CIO/CTO & Co-Founder

Scoffable provides a fast and convenient online ordering experience for takeaway consumers. With the increase in online transactions and the use of mobile apps, protecting sensitive data has not only become a part of doing business, but a requirement to earn the trust of customers.

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We couldn’t find anything else quite like Approov, for us it solved a number of problems.

Daniel Jones, Founding Partner

The Idyllic team built a gaming app called 747, a real money, skill based betting app where the player solving a math puzzle fastest wins. Puzzle questions could be captured and solved programmatically. The very real prospect of genuine players losing money to the cheaters is a reputational nightmare and risked the game being dead on arrival.

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Once we had deployed Approov, game play increased by more than 3x. It was amazing to see players engaging so enthusiastically once they knew that automated cheaters had been outlawed.

Jinesh Parekh, Partner

Nimses, a global social platform, grew to two million users within two weeks of launch. This rapid growth also attracted the attention of hackers and bots who created fake accounts which negatively affected the user environment.

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Approov provided a nearly immediate solution out of the box... we went from initial contact to a deployed solution in only 8 days.

Andril Sirchenko, CMO Nimses

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